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REF (Reformed Evangelical Fellowship)

A fellowship on different campuses, catering to students of different universities. Join us as we explore the Biblical principles that can apply to the university setting. If interested in joining, do come at the appointed time and place or feel free to contact any of our contact persons. Soli Deo Gloria!

More info on the Club can be accessed here

Email: reformed.evangelical.club@gmail.com

Melbourne University

Every Thursday 5.15 pm at Alice Hoy, room 330

Contact: Ivan (+61 450 309 597)


RMIT University:

Every Thursday 5.30 pm at Building 80.03.04

Contact: Marcel (+61 478 681 418)


Monash University (Clayton Campus):

Every Thursday 6.30 pm at Menzies Building, Thord floor E362, Monash Clayton

Contact: Fendy (+61 449 177 266)