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Shortly before a senior pastor died, I had visited him and asked him, "Pastor, after you left, Where is this church going to?" After much confusion, he replied, "I also do not know where this church will go."

The 20th century will soon be history, and the 21st century is already in the doorway. Outside the church, we see the stream of thoughts that is colored by the philosophy of the New Age Movement (New Age Movement) and Postmodernism is threatening the Christian faith. Meanwhile, inside the church, Christians themselves no longer heed the Word of God, and simply indulge themselves by making worship services solely as a means of entertainment.

Is there anyone who lament the state of the children of God today? Where are the prophets like Jeremiah, who can see the calamity that is awaiting the people of Israel? Where are the voices like John the Baptist who boldly rebuked the sinful king? Hasn't our country, that we base on Pancasila, expressed its inability to carry out all of the religious principles, good purity, justice, and love in social life? What is the function of the church? Where is our voice as children of God? Who has the accountable and responsible faith? Who still preach the gospel to others?

May God bless this little book, and open our understanding to then go down into the movement where we see the footprints of the Lord and the Holy Spirit in them. Amen.

Surabaya, Agustus 1999
Stephen Tong