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Vision and mission

We call ourselves the Reformed Evangelical, because we believe in reformed theology and are excited to evangelise. Reformed theology, we believe in a theology based on the sovereignty of God and we make every effort to reinforce the authority of the Bible. Our evangelical spirit reminds us Christians, that we should be the salt and light of the world, loving those who are still living in sin, who need the atoning blood of Christ. We express this in our Creed, as well as in the burden and prayer that was expressed by Pastor Stephen Tong during the opening service of GRII in Jakarta.

Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church (Gereja Reformed Injili Indonesia - GRII) was founded by Pastor. Dr. Stephen Tong. GRII was set to fight for a pulpit that is faithful to the Word of God. Therefore, GRII takes very special attention to the teaching of the Word from the pulpit. We strive to keep the pulpit to truly become a place of responsible preaching, which is based on a careful exposition of the Word of God, and refrain from abusing the pulpit for personal gain or worldly gains and other secular matters.

GRII's existence anywhere is expected to be a blessing to all the Christians in the area. Therefore, GRII never thinks that this church solely exists to cater a specific group of Christians, but will always strive so that we can be a blessing to as many people as possible with the widest possible scope.